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‘The Upstream’ Episode #9 (“Cover This…”) is up on Mixcloud!

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Episode #9 of ‘The Upstream with brilliantfish’: “Cover This…”

This episode is all about cover songs, featuring some of my top covers of all time.


1 Station ID
2 sound+vision by brilliantfish
3 brilliantfish talks
4 You’ve Really Got Me by Dalek i
5 Money by Flying Lizards
6 Satisfaction by Devo
7 Let’s Spend The Night Together by David Bowie
8 Take Me To The River by Talking Heads
9 brilliantfish talks, track list
10 You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by Human League
11 Blueberry Hill by Ellen McIlwaine
12 Smells Like Teen Spirit by Tori Amos
13 You Don’t Own Me by Klaus Nomi
14 My Funny Valentine by Elvis Costello
15 Song To The Siren (Live) by This Mortal Coil
16 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hush & Rust
17 brilliantfish talks, track list
18 heaven by brilliantfish


‘The Upstream’ EP#8 is now up on Mixcloud!

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Episode #8 of ‘The Upstream with brilliantfish’:

This episode is an open format show with great music from all over the map.


1 Long Hot Summer by Swacked
2 brilliantfish intro
3 Born Feral by New Model Army
4 Warmest Regards by Half Moon Run
5 Down In Mississippi by Mavis Staples
6 Love Is Lost by David Bowie
7 Blood And Roses by The Smithereens
8 My Sex by Ultravox
9 brilliantfish talks, track list
10 Coke Bottle Candy by Julian Taylor Band
11 Candy Man by Reverend Gary Davis
12 Yallah by Page & Plant
13 Low Lays The Devil by The Veils
14 Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones
15 brilliantfish talks, track list
16 Katmandu To Die by Zombo Zombo
17 Ring Them Bells by Bob Dylan
18 Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles
19 J’ai Faim Toujours by Little Jack Melody
20 Mysterons by Portishead
21 Tana’s Theme by Henry Mancini
22 brilliantfish talks, track list
23 Stop by brilliantfish

“The Upstream”, EP#7 – ‘Singer/Songwriter Series #2’. Now on Mixcloud and bombshellradio.com!

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Episode #7 of “The Upstream with brilliantfish”:

The 2nd episode in the Singer/Songwriter Series features Canadian artists Greenway Blvd, Andy Stochansky, Caroly Lill, Adam Faux, Jonathan Seet, Stacey Dowswell, Tom Rich, John MacLeod, Pauline Groen, Sam Taylor and more!

THIS SHOW CAN BE HEARD ON bombshellradio.com:
SAT MAY 27 – 11am, 1pm
MON MAY 29 – 9am, 10am
TUES MAY 30 – 1am, 2am

Yes, I’m syndicated! I was asked by Tom McNeill of Bombshell Radio to submit shows, and I am extremely excited!


  • 1 Another Day by Greenway Blvd
  • 2 Stutter by Andy Stochansky
  • 3 Caroly Lill by If I Go
  • 4 Fuse by Joe Henry
  • 5 brilliantfish talks, song list
  • 6 She’s Moving Up by Adam Faux
  • 7 Hold On by Tom Waits
  • 8 God’s Gardenia’s by Barry Andrews
  • 9 Killing All My Friends by Jonathan Seet
  • 10 Winter by Stacey Dowswell
  • 11 brilliantfish talks, song list
  • 12 Beast For Thee by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy
  • 13 T-Shirt by Tom Rich
  • 14 Here’s Your Moment by John MacLeod
  • 15 For The Beauty by Pauline Groen and Sleeps Six
  • 16 brilliantfish talks, song list
  • 17 The Sound by Sam Taylor & The East End Love

‘The Upstream’ Episode #6 is now up on Mixcloud!

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Episode #6 of “The Upstream with brilliantfish”:

This episode is an open format show with great music from all over the map.



1 Masquerade by Nash The Slash
2 Pulse by Jen Gloeckner
3 Pressure And Time by Rival Sons
4 Sexy M.F. by Prince & The New Power Generation
5 Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups
6 Long Time Gone by Bille Joe & Norah
7 brilliantfish talks, song list
8 The Spoils by Massive Attack (feat. Hope Sandoval)
9 Everything Will Be Alright by The Killers
10 Baby Blue by Longpigs
11 Rainy Night In Georgia by Brook Benton
12 An Audience With The Pope by Elbow
13 brilliantfish talks, song list
14 To The River by Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook
15 Gone Again by Patti Smith
16 It’s Not Too late by T-Bone Burnett
17 Uphold by Talvin Singh
18 Ballad Of A Deadman by Steve Jansen
19 Spring by ICEVAN
20 brilliantfish talks, song list
21 Joan Of Arc by brilliantfish

“The Upstream”, EP#5 – ‘Singer/Songwriter #1’. Now on Mixcloud.

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Episode #5 of “The Upstream with brilliantfish”:

This episode is the first in a series of shows featuring singer/songwriters. In this show: Scott Merritt, Derek Christie, Greenway Blvd, Rebecca Everett, Tim Bradford, The Danger Bees and more!


1 Beautiful Mess by Scott Merritt
2 Closed Hand, Full Of Friends by Foy Vance
3 brilliantfish talks, song list
4 Winnebago Graveyard Motel by Derek Christie
5 The Long Cold Party by Greenway Blvd
6 Go On by Vivienne Wilder
7 Sting Of A Kiss by Rebecca Everett
8 Mint by Kathryn Rose
9 brilliantfish talks, song list
10 Waiting by Norah Jones
11 Lebanon, Tennessee by Ron Sexsmith
12 Better Than Drinking (Alone) by Tim Bradford
13 Essence by Lucinda Williams
14 Westgate by Mark Seymour
15 Gasoline by Houndmouth
16 brilliantfish talks, song list
17 Dizzy Heights by Neil Finn
18 Sleeping by Howie Beck
19 Apologize by The Danger Bees
20 Eroding Home by Frank Patrick
21 brilliantfish talks, song list
22 I Feel Everything by brilliantfish

“The Upstream”, EP#4 – ‘Spirit & Sigh’. Now on Mixcloud.

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Episode #4 of “The Upstream with brilliantfish”:

This episode is a long, slow trip through beauty…


1 Gay Angels by Perfume Genius
2 Sea Of Vapours by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook
3 brilliantfish talks
4 Let’s Go Out Tonight by The Blue Nile
5 Dhyana And Donalogue by Sheila Chandra
6 Switching Off by Elbow
7 brilliantfish talks
8 Land Of Anaka by Geoffrey Oryema
9 By This River by Brian Eno
10 Wonderstrands by Northumbria
11 De Cara A La Pared by Lhasa
12 Goodbye by Emmylou Harris
13 A Cool Wind Is Blowing by Djivan Gasparyan & Vachagan Avakian
14 Adagio in G minor for Strings and Organ by Festival Strings Lucerne, Rudolf Baumgartner, conductor
15 Perfect Day by Lou Reed Feat. Antony
16 The Drop by Peter Gabriel
17 brilliantfish talks
18 Kyrie by Laurel MacDonald
19 Nightfishing by John Bottomley
20 Adagio for Strings by New York Philharmonic – Thomas Schippers, conductor
21 Live, Man Live by Ali Jennings
22 brilliantfish talks
23 Tonight You Belong to Me by Hush & Rust

“The Upstream”, EP #3 – Darkness. Now on Mixcloud.

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Episode #3 of “The Upstream with brilliantfish”.

This week, I put together an intense and deeply personal show about darkness.
Featuring Canadian artists Northumbria and quotes on darkness from various authors.



1 The Night Wolves/Black Moon by Northumbria
2 Sylvia Plath – “The Moon and the Yew Tree” (excerpt)
3 talk, show intro
4 The Rocky Mountains by Wendy Carlos
5 Corporate Cannibal by Grace Jones
6 Weather Wall by brilliantfish
7 Black Swan by Thom Yorke
8 talk, track list, quotes on darkness
9 The Feeling Begins by Peter Gabriel
10 Anywhere On This Road by Lhasa De Sela
11 Jenny I Read by Concrete Blonde
12 Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers) by Dead Can Dance
13 To Bring You My Love by PJ Harvey
14 Wish by Nine Inch Nails
15 Tanguedia III by Astor Piazzolla
16 The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me Today by Tom Waits
17 Inside The Termite Mound by Killing Joke
18 Heiemo Og Nykkjen by Kirsten Braten Berg
19 Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet? by Bille Jo & Nora
20 Hurt by Johnny Cash
21 talk, track list
22 down by brilliantfish
23 Dorothy Parker, “Sanctuary”
24 sign-off
25 For All We Know by Billie Holiday

The Upstream, EP #2 is up on Mixcloud!

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Episode #2 of my new show “The Upstream with brilliantfish”.

The Upstream with brilliantfish EP #2

This week, I feature Canadian artists Chris Tait, The Danger Bees, The Spivs and Odds, as well as a plug for Shriekback’s Kickstarter tour campaign and lots more.
No agenda, genres, just 64 minutes of great music. So grab a drink, a smoke or whatever you need to relax and ride The Upstream.


1 Just Another Day by Brian Eno
2 Get Ready For Love by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
3 FFF by Public Image Ltd.
4 How Can You Live In The Northeast? by Paul Simon
5 Recessive Jean by Shriekback
6 Not Yet by The Veils
7 Little Things by Lamb
8 So Easy by Chris Tait
9 Messenger by The Danger Bees
10 Lucky Star by The Spivs
11 It Falls Apart by Odds
12 Hurts So Bad by Little Anthony & The Imperials
13 The Rhythm Devine by Yello
14 Queen Elvis by Robyn Hitchcock
15 Stay by brilliantfish

bible+drag now on Spotify + iTunes

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My first cover album ‘bible+drag’ (released August 2016) is now available on Spotify in addition to iTunes/Apple Music.
Whatever you think of streaming services, it’s the way things are these days, so i’m happy to have my music up on the 2 top music sites on earth.

If you don’t have ‘bible+drag’ yet, here’s your chance to check it out.
You can also download the lovely PDF book that accompanies the album by clicking the download link below:

download bible+drag PDF book

MY BRAND NEW RADIO SHOW!! “The Upstream with brilliantfish”

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The debut of my new show “The Upstream with brilliantfish” EP #1 is on Mixcloud and I’m really excited.
It’s in the tradition of late night FM deejays of the 70s (stuff i grew up listening to and wishing I could do that…) and will cover a wide spectrum of music from everywhere.

EP #1 features Canadian artists Junetile, Half Moon Run, Annelise Noronha, Adam Faux, Jonathan Seet and me, brilliantfish.
No agenda, genres, just 58 minutes of great music. So grab a drink, a smoke or whatever you need to relax and ride The Upstream.



1 Theme Of Rome by Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi
2 In Of by Junetile
3 Full Circle by Half Moon Run
4 Saviour by Annelise Noronha
5 Josephine by Adam Faux Exploding Band
6 U Don’t Dance To Tekno Anymore by Alabama 3
7 Blackstar by David Bowie
8 Summertime by Billy Stewart
9 Monkey by Joe Henry
10 Down By The Bay by Jonathan Seet
11 No Harm by The Boxer Rebellion
12 Everybody’s Fine by brilliantfish