WHO IS THIS brilliantfish?

Elusive, multi-talented, stubborn, adaptable, dark, comedic, confessional, passionate, paradoxical...

The man who is brilliantfish has been called many things, but he is a Canadian musician, composer, producer and graphic designer. Since 1997, he has released 26 recordings ranging from post-industrial rock to dark pop, straight up rock, singer-songwriter material and several stops in between. He is hard to pigeonhole and he wouldn’t have it any other way. The work comes first.

As a drummer/percussionist/vocalist, brilliantfish has worked with dozens of diverse artists whose output spans many genres and many decades. Over that time, he also worked with producers Terry Brown, Michael-Phillip Wojewoda, Peter J. Moore, John Switzer, Doug Romanow and Kevin Ker.

With this wealth of experience, brilliantfish also provides his services as a virtual session drummer’, creating world class drum tracks from Session House for both indie and professional projects. Click here for ‘drums by fish

These days, brilliantfish works mainly as a songwriter and producer from his Session House studio and is currently in production on recordings with artists Derek Christie, Frank Patrick, Micheal Menegon and BabyIsABombshell. He also designs album packages and promo for many of the artists he produces.

His singer-songwriter side is explored as Greenway Blvd, drawing on influences from Bowie, Warren Zevon, Steve Earle, Elton John and others.

With his wife sweet Tbrilliantfish is also half of the duo Hush & Rust, who released their debut album These blue dreams’ in 2016 and to date have 6 singles to their credit.

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