In addition to producing 24 of his own releases,
brilliantfish also produces & mixes other artists from a wide spectrum…
… and is currently in production on several new recordings.

brilliantfish currently works out of his Session House Studio, a room tailored for ‘in the box’ productions with individual artists. Technological advances have enabled these productions to be top level and incredibly flexible without costly setups and re-tracking. Collaborating with musicians who track in their own studios has allowed even more flexibility on an international level.

There will always be skeptics when it comes to modeling technology in recording, and brilliantfish was one of them. The results, however, speak for themselves, as well as the comments of top professionals such as Terry Brown (The Who, Klaatu, Rush, Donovan, Max Webster):

“[Hush & Rust – These blue dreams] …an amazing body of work from the vocal sounds, the vocal performances, the arrangements, the production, the playing – all first class ! I loved it from beginning to end. Great choice of material, beautiful execution of parts, lovely texturing and superb mixes… what more can I say?”

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