September 15, 2016
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these-blue-dreams_cvr-artThe worldwide release of ‘These blue dreams’, the debut album from Hush & Rust!

“T-Bone Burnett goes on a midnight drive with David Lynch…”

Why Hush & Rust? It is a new project from brilliantfish and his wife sweet T.
2 years in the making, ‘These blue dreams’ is a collection of classic songs, re-imagined as soundtracks to films never made.
Arranged by brilliantfish and produced by Hush & Rust, These blue dreams’ also features the lead vocal debut of sweet T (Tracey Coveart). sweet T has contributed vocals to several brilliantfish recordings, but this is her solo vocal debut!
She sings with purity, grace and truth – her voice at once sweet, haunting, beautiful and even perhaps a bit unsettling in its intimacy.
‘These blue dreams’ is lush yet earthy, dreamy yet present, soaring yet grounded.
Also featuring the brilliantly understated guitar work of veteran Toronto musician/composer/producer Cam MacInnes.

Purchase the album HERE from our friends at LOUDR.FM

Watch the BRAND NEW VIDEO for ‘Across the Universe’!

Watch the FIRST VIDEO for ‘Blueberry Hill’ (released earlier this summer).

H&R_blueberry hill_screengrab1


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