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dark, melodic songs that are at times stripped down and lean, at other times lush and orchestrated

2017 Re-Issue. Re-sequenced as a more cohesive 9-track album
(original release: 2003)

This is a NEW RE-ISSUE of the 3rd album by brilliantfish (2003).
It is a re-sequenced, more cohesive album with 9 tracks.
Performed, produced, recorded + mixed by brilliantfish
additional recording by Ray Montford
Guitars by Jonathan Seet, Ray Montford + Maz Fusion
Cellos by Alex McMaster
Trumpets by Sarah McElcheran
The Angelfish Chorus: Mia Sheard, Lee Whalen, Kathryn Rose, Miranda Stone + Jonathan Seet
Mastered by Peter J Moore @ The E Room

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