August 18, 2016
Throw It Back Thursday / what's new


The THIRD track from the back catalogue is:

‘disappearing man 2’
[from the album hexagonal, 2010]

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There are two versions of ‘disappearing man’ on ‘hexagonal’ (one of the ‘group of 5′ recordings). This is the second version that closes the record. An extremely personal song, it is an admission of one’s inability to deal with even the most benign social interaction without feeling trapped, empty, lonely and angry. It is also about addiction.

On a musical note, I really enjoy the pause and shift to the instrumental epilogue.


Produced, composed, performed & mixed by brilliantfish
Mastered by Ray Montford


he sits in the back with a broken hand
waiting to fold is the Disappearing Man
in the glare and the gloom there’s a half-baked plan
talking to the death with the Disappearing Man

he got a cold cold comfort and a basement tan
lost in space is the Disappearing Man
in the Cafe Apathetique is the last stand
put your hands together for the Disappearing Man

the dreams they come
i’m wide awake
the shattering of days
i lose my head
over and over again
what message do i send form the Disappearing Man?

with a word and a match he destroys what he can
walking away is the Disappearing Man

© 2010 Brilliant Fish Music (SOCAN)


  • aRB

    September 1, 2016 (16:22) Reply

    You know much of my feelings about this piece; both recently and from our immediate past. As I mentioned recently, so amazing doing this in a duo format with you at the Tranzac. The Persian improv I did on the piano just ahead of the starting d minor chords (fave fish key :) ) I would love to get that down in the studio with you some time. I think it worked really well that night.
    This piece has been very haunting for me to encounter at this stage of my life. The CODA of the song has a startling purposefulness to it despite the bleak objectives of the subject, ready to wave existence and hopes for a better life goodbye from the Cafe Apathetique. The ambivalence suddenly goes from a silence to driving rhythms and bright synths. I’m curious about your thoughts on the CODA Rob. It really gives me chills that part.
    Cheers Rob B

    • fish

      September 2, 2016 (02:20) Reply

      thank you so much my friend. you get inside this stuff and understand it. we really HAVE TO do more together… cheers brother.

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