March 5, 2018
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WHAT’S NEW in fishLand?

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photo by Lisa Macintosh, © 2016

I have been extremely busy with projects/writing/recording the past few months, so I apologize for the radio silence.
I am producing a few artists at the moment and those recordings are sounding fantastic!
I am also working on completing the new ‘Biscuit Stars’ album by brilliantfish, which should see a summer release and possibly a brilliantfish LIVE BAND (the first one since 2004!).

The Upstream has had to take a hiatus for the time being, as I am simply too busy to do it!

BUT… loads of creative flow these days. Lots of new stuff to be released this year, including a new Hush & Rust single in April!

More soon….


  • Rick Edwards

    March 5, 2018 (17:16) Reply

    Can’t wait ! #RoadieRick

    • fish

      March 29, 2018 (17:59) Reply

      thanks Rick!!

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