December 6, 2013
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“brilliantfish has left the building…” NEW EP OUT NOW!!

“brilliantfish has left the building…” (the “Lost Tapes” of Elvis Tyler Moore) is finally available now here at fish central.

Salvaged and re-mastered by brilliantfish, this is a 5 song compilation of the best of Elvis Tyler Moore – a tragic, annoying, occasionally lucid performer – who, between 1986 and 2001, made some interesting recordings before disappearing under highly suspicious circumstances. Last seen in 2004 on a pier in Hoboken, NJ, muttering at passing aircraft and wearing only a tin horn and a backpack, ETM’s current whereabouts are still a mystery.
The original master tapes had long been destroyed in yet another medicated frenzy by The Small ‘E’ himself, so the recordings compiled here are the only remaining document of the once-promising career of Elvis Tyler Moore.

click on the cover to go, listen and buy it!


bf has left the building


“zoom zoom crazy like kitty kitty ubersex short leash milk lick transistor ass experiment super racer big muff guitar whore orange soda surf monkey johnny johnny divebomb”


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