November 19, 2013
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Elvis Lives! (Tyler Moore, that is…)


bf has left the building

Not many people know the music of the late (or so it is assumed) Elvis Tyler Moore. Now that the 5 years of raucous court dates are over and the various lawsuits have been settled, the ‘Lost Tapes’ of Elvis Tyler Moore will be released FRIDAY DEC 6!
Salvaged and re-mastered by brilliantfish, the new EP ‘brilliantfish has left the building’ is a 5 song compilation of the best of Elvis Tyler Moore – a tragic, annoying, occasionally lucid performer – who, between 1986 and 2001, made some interesting recordings before disappearing under highly suspicious circumstances. Last seen in 2004 on a pier in Hoboken, NJ, muttering at passing aircraft and wearing only a tin horn and a backpack, ETM‘s current whereabouts are still a mystery.
The original master tapes have long been destroyed in yet another medicated frenzy by The Small ‘E’ himself, so the recordings compiled here are the only remaining document of the once-promising career of Elvis Tyler Moore.

‘brilliantfish has left the building…’
written & produced by brilliantfish
featuring the voice of Elvis Tyler Moore
and the ETM Band: Jeanbon Ham, Robert Faceplant, Celeste Greene


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