November 17, 2016


The 14th installment of ‘THROW-IT-BACK THURSDAY’
the ‘Catch-and-Release Sessions’
This week:

‘save me’
[single, 2014]

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For many, winter is the cruelest season. the cold, isolation and imposed joy of ‘the holidays’ often takes a heavy toll.
This is a winter song about salvation; a love song about depression; a call for help in the deep freeze; a dreamy little song at the top of the downward spiral.

I think this is somewhere between Eno, Bowie and Neil Diamond, somehow.
Also, I really love sweet T’s dreamy, ghosty vocal in the background.
Her beautiful voice can be heard in the foreground on Hush & Rust‘s debut album, These blue dreams’.

Performed, recorded, produced & mixed by brilliantfish
Dreamy vox by sweet T


stop me
from falling down
it’s never a good time to drown

save me
with something we found
in a backwards film somehow

[© 2014 brilliant fish music]


  • Doc Wobert

    December 6, 2016 (18:02) Reply

    Ah yes, “I can’t help but listen/but I don’t want to hear/hear that voice again” PGabriel, SO. Save us all from the voices of despair that make the temptation of ending life struggles with a simple act of falling from on high, or letting oneself surrender to the waves of water that could end it all. Its relentless, its shorter and even more sudden then we imagine, this blink of existence. But while we breathe, while there are loved ones, friends and family to reach out to, may we hang in and hang out together the best we can while we can. Love the last 3 lines. “Save me/with something we found/in a backwards film somehow”. 20/20 hindsight type of meaning? We rewind the tape of life, what do we see with so much more clarity. :)

  • fish

    December 6, 2016 (22:45) Reply

    you nailed it, brother. it’s always interesting to me how people interpret art. of course, it’s always through their experience, but it’s doubly (Dolby?) interesting when their experience is so close to the creator’s.

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