November 3, 2016
Throw It Back Thursday


The 12th installment of ‘THROW-IT-BACK THURSDAY’!
the ‘Catch-and-Release Sessions’
This week:

[from the album ‘separate‘, 2003]

throw-it-back THURSDAY-FULL web

A minimal track about the ‘spiritual lint’ we carry around on us – the the residue and stains of our emotional baggage and unresolved inner conflicts –  that, try as we may to hide it, is obvious to everyone else. I was experimenting at the time with writing minimal tracks with minimal lyrics (just a few lines, no chorus or bridge sections) and I think is this song is my most successful in that regard.

As far as the sonic landscape, I enjoy the fact that there is no bass. The low end is created with an 808 kick drum that is heavily compressed and put through a distortion pedal. The rest is simply the 808, a Waldorf Microwave synth and some manipulated guitar noise tracks by Maz Fusion.


Performed, recorded, produced & mixed by brilliantfish
Sonic guitar crimes by Maz Fusion
Mastered by Ray Montford


it hides in the truth
you’ll never know it
shine as it does – shine as it does

it clings in the light
you’ll never see it
scream as it does – scream as it does

it hides in the truth
you’ll never know it
shine as it does – shine as it does…

[© 2003 brilliant fish music]


  • Doc Rob

    November 3, 2016 (12:42) Reply

    Nicely composed minimal material brilliantfish! I love the kick drum/non-bass G#, and the syncopated feel with the swung feel in hh and remaining kit. The guitar crimes are magic brother! It’s also stylistically true to your brilliantfish aesthetic of maintaining a sonic ingredient that encapsulates the subject matter of the song. In this case, the pedal kick drum creates to my ears a cosmic heartbeat, a source sound of the “spiritual lint” you describe in the lyrics. It pulses throughout the song and yet like a heart beat, you simply allow its presence in the mix, and you’ll never see it “shine as it does”. It’s one of the tracks on Separate that fascinates me for its use of simple elements which suggest more musical possibility but show the restraint to allow a listener to imagine more musical activity (um, meaning those that actually listen and have musical imagination!).
    ??Doc Robert

    • fish

      November 4, 2016 (12:10) Reply

      tons of thanks for the critique, Rob! I always appreciate your deep listening. cheers~

      • Doc Wobert

        December 6, 2016 (18:10) Reply

        Can’t help it when it comes to art brilliantfish, I’m the same way in art galleries. I can sit in front of some paintings for a very long time; contemplating and appreciating the craft and content. My mom’s genetics! Lots of visual art in our family and I get lots of this from your songs man. Cheers brother, and always welcome. RB

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