September 8, 2016
cool / Throw It Back Thursday


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Welcome to the 6th installment of ‘THROW-IT-BACK THURSDAY’!
(1 song from the back catalogue every week for a year)
This week :

[single, 2012]

throw-it-back THURSDAY-FULL web

Afraid of being alone, knowing it can never work and wanting her to stay anyway…

Written as my marriage was dissolving in 2006, the original vocal for this song was rather ‘polite’. The track sat unfinished for a long time until one day, I dragged it out of its little folder and decided it needed some attitude. The bowie-type delivery is intentional and gives the track that much-needed irony.

From there, everything got bumped up a few notches and the already gnarly guitar solo by Jonathan Seet got stuck through another fuzz pedal or two.
Once that was all done, I wrote the outro vocal part and piano/string arrangement, just for the hell of it. I thought it might all be too ‘over the top’, but it really brought the song to another level, re-informing the track with a bit of the sadness that had gone missing.

Anyway… some 70s, some 80s, some Bowie… it’s all in there.


Performed, produced & mixed by brilliantfish
Guitars performed & recorded by  Jonathan Seet
Mastered by Mike Beever @ MEB Audio

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  • Rob B

    September 8, 2016 (17:45) Reply

    Should we stay and work at staying, or let go of another because we can see no way of working through differences and difficulties, psyche’s and personal “baggage”. It is a shame when it comes to the decision to let another go. G’ah the human condition! And this track in my mind is one that connects with the Separation album really well. Great song and such a powerful delivery buddy! Loved the ?S Jonathan!! Miss you guys. Doc Rob

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