September 1, 2016
cool / Throw It Back Thursday


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Welcome to the 5th installment of ‘THROW-IT-BACK THURSDAY’!
This week :

[from the album brilliantfish has left the building… (the best of Elvis Tyler Moore, 1986-2001), 2014]


throw-it-back THURSDAY-FULL web

A nonsense song of innuendo featuring Elvis Tyler Moore.
Plain and simple: I wanted to make an album by a fictional character. I had used the stage name on and off for years as a joke. But what if ETM actually existed? So I created some tracks in different styles and wrote a brief history of the character.

This track features guitars by my friend Jonathan Seet (credited here as ‘Jeanbon Ham’). Jonathan always knows just what my tracks need, but this time i simply told him “T Rex”. The whole album was a lot of fun, even while tackling some touchy subject matter, but ‘uh-huh’ is a silly song and wasn’t meant to be anything other than that.

About Elvis Tyler Moore:

“The story of Elvis Tyler Moore is not one for the faint of heart. Nor is it one for the weak of character. In fact, it cannot even be summarized without various class-action suits being filed. We can say, however, that it takes a strong man to admit he is a charlatan, a poser, a fake, a phoney, and still hold his head (mostly) upright. Be that as it may, between 1986 and 2001, ETM spasmodically made some interesting recordings, the best of which are compiled here. It is no mistake that just five tracks could be re-released. The master tapes have long been destroyed (in yet another medicated frenzy by The Small ‘E’ himself); the original albums scattered in and around delete bins, dumpsters and ex-wives’ garages from Parkdale to Kokubunji.
The various record labels involved in the sorry history of ETM’s career refused (not just refused to answer) our emails and phone calls, so we were left on our own to find what remained of the once-promising talent that was Elvis Tyler Moore.”
-brilliantfish, producer

footnote: After his last recording in 2001, Elvis Tyler Moore disappeared under highly suspicious circumstances. Last seen in 2004 on a pier in Hoboken, NJ, muttering at passing aircraft and wearing only a tin horn and a backpack, ETM’s current whereabouts are still a mystery.


Written & Produced by brilliantfish
Vocals: Elvis Tyler Moore
Drums & Percussion: Robert Faceplant
Guitars: Jeanbon Ham
Keyboards: Celeste Greene


  • aRB

    September 1, 2016 (15:57) Reply

    love ETM’s catalogue. No one is all bad or good. Great choice. Nice work by Jeanbon Ham. Love the band credits! lol Yeah there is something to be said about having fun with music for a change. Wait that’s what you told me! Cheers buddy.

    • fish

      September 2, 2016 (02:20) Reply

      heehee! thanx aRB!


    September 14, 2016 (22:30) Reply

    that was BRILLIANT Fish

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