August 25, 2016
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Welcome to Episode 4 of ‘THROW-IT-BACK THURSDAY’!
This week :

‘everybody’s fine’
[from the album everybody’s fine, 2014]

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Clearly, everybody is not fine. This is my take on ‘family values’.

I actually had a lot of fun making this dark little track and was very fortunate to be able to enlist the help and awesome talents of several friends and family members. It also features the recording debut of our fearless and supernaturally awesome daughter Steph (aka The Widget). Hers was the loudest voice in the choir, no matter how low in the mix i made her, so i just made her the loudest.
This is one of my favourite tracks that i have ever released.


Produced, composed, performed, mixed & mastered by brilliantfish
featuring the St. Louis Aquarium Choir:
Rique Franks
Sally McKay
Theresa McKay
Scott Matthews
Penny Maddox
Lee Whalen
Tracey Coveart
and introducing Stephanie Coveart

Cover photo by Jennie Vlietstra


the goddamned government took everything
we’re trying to pretend that it means something
daddy got the cancer
2 months and counting
and everybody’s fine

mom is in The Home
don’t know her name
she picks up the phone and goes to sleep
wonder if we’ll ever be all right with this
and everybody’s fine

remember when i packed and tried to leave
you wanted the dog
well i guess that’s all right with me
but every day i wake up with a ghost inside of me
and everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine
everybody’s fine

© 2014 Brilliant Fish Music (SOCAN)


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