the ‘dead’ remixes once again available!!

originally released as limited edition in 2000, 'darwinsDEADbox' is a collection of 3 remixes of the track 'dead' from the brilliantfish album 'darwinsblackbox' (2000) produced by RaZoR and brilliantfish. the [...]


from ANOTHER in-production EP (!). this one is called 'everybody's fine'. the track is 'swing&sway' and it's a political song. sort of. it's about revolution, tearing down the system, all [...]

another new preview track!

new sneak peek from yet another EP currnetly in production: 'cannibal eyes'. the title track. latest mix. there on the right in the soundcloud widget... it's dirty and it's kind [...]


in the widget there to your right is a sneak peak at the lead track 'killing fields', from the currently in-production EP 'The Tragedy Machine'. it's a little walk through [...]

more music on the way

there are a lot of new (and old) photos in the image galleries, but i have been hard at work on new music to be released this fall/winter. i really [...]

preview tracks

trying out a soundcloud widget over there in the sidebar. it plays my latest in-production album preview track. thanks, Thomas Michalak! -

welcome to the new site

The new is a much more sleek, streamlined affair with lots of groovy eye candy. poke around and please go LISTEN TO MY MUSIC... there will be more tweaking [...]
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